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I have no time to look for useless things

Citizens of Milky Way, konnichiwa~ I guess there are not many people who will read this entry except those who pass by (?) Years passing by as I'm growing older and older. Don't get wrong with that. I'm just a 17 //Not 17 yet before July 18 comes xD// girl. I'm so fucked up tired to face these kind of useless things. I just need some peaceful time so that I can study and focus in class. This is not what I want. You did the wrong and why are you the one who barked at me just because I made a report to the disciplinary board? It was your own fault. So, don't blame me if your attendance are hold up.

Now I'm waiting to see what is next in line. In Korean, 전쟁이야... 그래... 내가 그만해 않았어. 봐라... 내가 기다리게.. 빨리 나와! While in Japanese, 戦争だ...うん...私やめていない。見てください...私待つ。早く出て!As long as I hold to my principal, I won't be shaken in anyways. I must remember that always. Don't let my guts down because I don't like the statement, "Girls are weak." I want to show that I can live a happy life with my own concept and perception.

I laughed so hard when you said, " Because we are not satisfy with her since last year. We just wanted to play and hide her bag. Do you have to report to discipline teacher?" What? Just playing with me? Are you crazy? You are being a troublesome where I have so many works to do and you play that kind of bullshit things? Get your senses, it is not the time to play anymore. 

School's agenda

Hello hello people of Milky Way~ *^_^// It has been a time I didn't post anything to this journal. Today is the 1st day in January's second week and I have myself trying to enjoy school life this year. //Hope so.// There were two new transfer students and a coincidence they were placed into my class. One of them is a girl and her name is Herna. At first, I thought she is somehow a girl who doesn't talk much but not too soft-spoke. As time passing by, she gets to make friends with all the 5Science3 community in a short time. //Good to see that//

At first, it was awkward to be in the class because one of my close friend is no linger with me. She got to be in the second class and I just sat at my table, didn't talk much, just watch what the others are doing and have my homeworks done. Only in a few times, I talk whenever it is needed. So.... Actually the story starts here;

I was walking with my friends from the canteen to my class but I accidentally met a group of my classmates //some of the boys who I got into a fight last year// at the car parking area. It was not as planned but out eyes met. I don't know how to say this but I have a feeling that he wants to say something but couldn't speak it out. I can't say it is a good thing neither a bad thing. According to my feelings, he wanted to do something that is good, I mean make us back to normal but not in an awkward situation. I told my neighbour about this and she said,

"He is sort of a person who wants a revenge on you."
I didn't expect she would say that but I sometimes doubt about that matter too.
"If he is trying to make it up, you must be careful and act smart. He might revenge on you for the same thing that you have done. You know... On the surface I won't be saying openly that I support you but naturally I do. I, as a friend, need to think professionally. This kind of thing, of course I'm on your side."
It was a good thing she said. But, I understand when she can't openly support me though.
"Whatever it is, just be careful."

I asked my sister about it. This how the conversation goes...

"What do you think about what she have said earlier?"
"To me, she has a point but I don't think he is that kind of people."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean, he is not the person that might think stupidly. It was obviously his faults but why he wanted to insult you? I'm not very sure about this because it is really hard to see what does boys always thinks."

That is another point.
I don't have any urge about this at first but, since I'll be sitting for my national exam, I don't want to have any bad records like this. I just want to be someone who is not popular well known in others eyes. I just want to be myself.

A person who doesn't involve in any this kind of stupid ridiculous commotion in school.
I found it kinda stupid. But, everything is normal in our daily life. My dad said, this is what will make you think professionally and be matured. If not, you wouldn't know how cruel the world is in real life.

So, that is how it happened today. //In school// I hope I can do something to throw away all my worries and live happily like I always do last two-three years back.

Cursed Rose

Description: I was dreaming to be Prince Marius's queen and my school out of blue became one of the most crowded area since the news about Prince Marius attending my school. Painting was one of my passion and suddenly without I realise I was painting a new image that drifts me into a hard situation. What is this all about? From daydreaming into a reality? Now Prince Marius knows me as someone that relates to the art which is now standing with a lot of secrets behind it. Who is this cursed rose anyway and what is it all about?

"The petals are dropping, the time is clicking and I'm dying..."


Hanabusa Ruka
Female St. Archimedes Ideal High
Dorm Pieter Aertsen

Marius Yo
Male St. Archimedes Ideal High
Dorm Julius Edvard Marak

Matsushima Sou
Male St. Archimedes Ideal High
Dorm Lasar Segall

Click on the chapters that you wish to read. NOTE: You have to join the community to read them.
Chapters : One Two Three

Spin-off: Badminton!

Descriptions: Sou was a new student in one of the high school in Japan. It was a huge lost to Sato Shori and Sugawara Sayuri who had just lost their precious friends named Marius Yo and Haruka Rin. They preferably wanted to be known as a couple in their school but an incident happened when Marius and Rin died involved in a car crash. Shori and Sayuri then run through a boring life without two visuals that always cheer up the group but everything changed when Matsushima Sou stepped into the school. What does Sou did until everything changed after the death of a popular kid, Marius and his lover, Rin?

" Because of Badminton made my life change. From point of view to feelings. -Sou-"

Male, 17. Top Wanted
Matsushima Sou
I just can't help but to like.
One of the seniors that is good in badminton and the Vice President of Badminton School Club. Same age as Shori. Had a crush towards Sizuka. Cold towards his fans.

Male, 17. Wanted the most
Sato Shori
Everything will follow my lead.
The President of Badminton School Club. Has a crush on Eri, the most popular among girls and friendly towards them. Nobody can defeat him in badminton and was called as 'King of Badminton'

Female, 16. BSC Junior
Setsuko Eri
Senior Matsu will always be my choice.
An ordinary junior high female and a year younger than Sou, Shori and Sizuka. Loves badminton and joined Female Badminton School Club because of Senior Matsu. A happy go lucky girl.

Female, 17. Top Wanted
Sakamaki Sizuka
Sorry, I don't have that feelings.
Has a crush towards Shori and was called as the 'Queen of Badminton'. The most wanted ideal type in her school. Rejects Sou's confession without thinking any further. Quiet and firm towards the Female Badminton Club members.

Click on the chapters that you wish to read. NOTE: You have to join the community to read them.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Rules Entering The Community

I might be new to this webpage but whatever it is, if you want to read the story you have to obey the rules. It is quite simple. Just fill up these form and comment below. Here is the link to the community.

Why do you want to join this community?:
Where are you from?:
Do you accept the rules and regulation?:

The rules are:
1) Once you have join the community, you are hold onto the terms and condition.
2) Do not steal any of my projects(stories) and claim them as yours.
3) You are allowed to advertise it but with my confirmation first.
4) Do not post it anywhere [but if you find the stories anywhere such as blogger.com and asianfanfics.com, that must be me.]
5) Enjoy and leave a feedback to see your reactions towards the storyline~


Fake [Kikuchi Fuma]


Descriptions: Kikuchi Fuma was cursed to be a beast since he was a baby. His parents were dead, killed by a werewolf that attacked their house near a jungle but he believed that they are still alive. One day, he was desperately feel wants an accompany and kidnapped a girl to make her fall for him. Did he succeed to make her stay by his side?


" I need that love to break the spell."

Kikuchi Fuma
It was fake! Everything was fake!
A boy who was cursed since he was a baby. He can't control his anger on his own until he transform into a beast. He can be harm when he reaches to its limit. He found out he has to find a true love to break the spell.

Hinezawa Erika
You made me wait too long.
An ordinary girl that lives with Fuma and decided to be his girlfriend. She followed every of Fuma's orders including putting a mask to disguise herself from the public but he betrays Fuma when he left her for a week.

Click on the chapters that you wish to read. NOTE: You have to join the community to read them.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

About Me

I just got a message saying that for a starter /like me xD~/ at least post something about myself. Hummm, I don't know how shall I start with this but maybe I can just write a simple biography about myself? Okay here we go!

My name is Nurin but I would prefer if J-Fans call me Shizu/Shizu-chan since my Japanese name is Sakamaki Sizuka. The first day I cried was on 18th of July 1997 which my eyes started to see the world. //Well I don't have to write how old am I right? Because I'm so lazy to repeat it again/ and I lived in Malaysia. Basically I was a big fan of K-POP idol but lately something struck me in my mind to open my heart for J-POP. I don't declare myself a true fan yet because I'm still new but I'm still looking and browsing about JE's idols.

About my favourite in JE idols are Hey!Say!JUMP & Sexy Zone. But actually I do like KAT-TUN, Arashi, AKB48, Hagiya Keigo, Jesse Lewis, Yasui Kenta, Nakayama Yuma but I'm not into them yet. I just stick with these two ultimate bias for now //since I know them first xD// In JUMP, my ichiban is Arioka Daiki, followed by Chinen Yuri, Inoo Kei and the others but lately Inoo Kei is really messing up my bias list. //I just can't tolerate with this architect-soon-to-be xD// I really like love their songs Super Delicate, Arigatou~ Sekai no doko ni itemo, Mystery Virgin, Come On A My House //okay just all of their songs.//

In Sexy Zone. my ichiban is Sato Shori!! //Yay!// but I know, you guys must be wondering why I put Marius as my profile picture. This is because he is my niiban. So sometimes, I move around so can consider as all Sexy Zone members are my ichiban. I do write some short stories about Sexy Zone and JUMP. But for now, I'm focusing on Sexy Zone's characters. Maybe I'll post some here? Okay that's all. Sayonara~


New to this site.

Urr, Hello? Looks like I'm still new to this website and can't wait to post a lot of entries. I guess what shall I do with the next one. Hmmm...